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AirSafe function

Better air hygiene with 98% less viruses and bacteria

Cloud technology

Easy and intuitive Internet control with the MyTESY app

Heat curtain effect

Makes the appliance suitable for under window mounting

Scandinavian design

Sophisticated Scandinavian design, that fits in any interior

MyTESY app is here!

Monitor your appliance and save energy via Internet control

FinEco Glass is the newest member of the FinEco family and it comes with an elegant glass front panel, which makes it even more sophisticated. The model provides Internet control with the MyTESY app and air purification through the AirSafe function.

FinEco Glass

FinEco Cloud with AirSafe provides Internet control and AirSafe function, which exterminates 98% of viruses and bacteria in the air. All of the FinEco models and modifications are suitable for under window mounting, due to the heat curtain effect, created by the special alignment and position of the air vents.

FinEco Cloud

with AirSafe

FinEco Cloud

FinEco Cloud is easily controlled and monitored through the MyTESY app, which allows you to always be in touch with your appliance and also to efficiently save energy, thanks to different settings and optimisations that you can control from anywhere. 

AirSafe purifying function
for air with 98% less viruses and bacteria *

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in Augmented Reality 

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